CEO Dr. Tutino Featured in Jacobs School of Medicine Article


May 8, 2018 / Original Source

Hui Meng, PhD, and Vincent M. Tutino, PhD.

Vincent M. Tutino, PhD, a recent graduate of the doctoral program in biomedical engineering, is first author on a published study in PLOS ONE showing that circulating cells in the blood carry a gene expression “signature” that may predict if someone has a brain aneurysm.

The discovery, which represents a portion of his doctoral dissertation, is important because when brain aneurysms rupture, the consequences are usually death or severe disability. However, most people with aneurysms show no symptoms until the aneurysm ruptures.

Three UB startups have received six-figure awards from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to support commercialization of promising technologies that could benefit society by improving health care and providing broader access to clean water.

The new funding recognizes the potential impact of the UB startups, which are working to improve the safety of MRI scans, enable early identification of unruptured brain aneurysms, and help alleviate drinking water shortages worldwide.

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